Fast Food , Healthy fast food restaurants

 Fast Food , Healthy fast food restaurant 

Fast Food: 

                     is a category of mass - produced commerically resold food that places a high value on expediency of service. it is a term used in commerce to describe meals delivered in packing for take way or takeway and sold at a restaurant or store containing frozen, warmed, or precooked components. fast food was developed as a business strategy to serve a huge number of harried wage employees, travellers, and commuters. Globally, the fast food sector was estimated to be worth $570 billion in 2018



                                                                 examples of fast food 

                                                      chees burgers, french fries, pizza, hotdog, fried chicken,                                                                       submarine sandwich 

Pre-cooked meals are the quickest type of "fast food", as they cut waithing times to just a few seconds. Some fast food restaurants, especially those that serve hamburgers like mc donald's , cook the meat and fries fresh before assembling "to order" using mass produced , pre prepared items (bagged buns and sauces, frozen beef patties, vaggies that have been cleaned and/or chooped).

The drive-through has always been a distinguishing features of fast food establishments. Outlets could be stands or kiosks that dont't have any sitting or shelter, or they could be fast food joints (also known as quick service restaurants.) Standardized goods are transported from central sites to each restaurant in franchies operationd that are a part of restaurant chains.

several quick foods have a tendency to be rich in calories ,salt,sugar and saturated fat. 

Fast Food has been associated with a higher risk of depression, colon cancer, high cholesterol, obestiy, and cardiovascular disease. Even after adjusting for confounding lifestyle factor, these correlations are still signficant, pointing to a clear link between eating fast food and a higher chance of developing diseases and dying young.

3. healthy fast food restaurants

wraps salads and burritos are just a few of the nutritional options availabe at many fast food places, while the majortiy of fast food is made with inexpensive , harmfull ingredients, many fast food restaurants increasingly provide healthier options.

1.chipotle: the restaurants chain Chipotle Mexican Grill is known for its tacos and burritos. the bussines makes an efforts to employ only orgnic , regional and organically reared animal meats.                                                                                                         

Healthy option: Burritos ,tacos and salads with a choice of meats, vegetables rice, beans and guacamole are among the healty options. 

place include : united state of America , as well as canada, the united kingdom , germany and france .

2 chick-fil-A: 

This fast food estanlishment is known for its chicken sandwiches. 

they introuduced an entirely trans-fat-free menu to the American market first among fast food chains. 

they have made efforts to improve the nutritional content of theirs dishes, their childern's menu in example includes fruits cup sides and milk drinks

Healty options Grilled chicken nuggets, chicken ,salads grilled market salad and multigrain morning muesli are all nutritious options.

locatins: thorughout the United States

3.Mc Donald's:

The largest fast food chain in the world is Mc Donald's 

it is well known for its distinctive burgers, like the Big Mac.

The majority of McDonald's menu items are unhealthy and heavily processed. The business has come under fire for contributing to the global epidemics of types 2 diabetes and obesity .

However, as a result of this criticism, Mcdonald's has expanded their menu to include a number of healthy options.

Healthy options: many salads , mostly made with chicken , veggies, and fruits are healthful choices.

locations: 119 countries in all around the world.

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